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Initial discussions are often the most important stage of our process. Making sure that we have gathered all of our customers needs from the very beginning allows us to complete the job to the best of our ability.


Creating professional drawings of the discussed Modules allows us to visualise the job. Taking into consideration your budget, your requirements and the location, we will design the best option for you.


After the design has been finalised and we are happy with the proposed designs, we can supply a detailed quote. This will outline the timescale of the job and also any additional works required such as Foundations, Air Conditioning etc.


Once the quotation has been accepted, the process can vary depending if your Modular Building is New Build, Refurbished Sale or Hire. Either option we ensure we start your project with ample time to meet the agreed Delivery Date.


At Modex, we construct all of the Modules at our yard before anything is delivered. This ensures that we don’t run into any problems when we deliver the Modules to the location. The build stage of our process can vary in length, depending on the project scale and your personal added requirements.

On Site

Site Preparation

Checking that the location is ready for the Modules is vital. We will run through a series of checks to ensure that everything runs smoothly before we begin to deliver and install.


Once all checks have been carried out, we shall deliver the units in the safest and most economic way as possible.

Site Assemble

We then install the units at the site. We always make sure that all safety regulations are followed. This is in the best interest of our customers and our staff.



We pride ourselves in our customer service, that is why we offer an aftercare service. This ensures that our great customer relationship continues after the job has been delivered.

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